понедельник, 4 февраля 2013 г.

The First Change

I felt like I haven’t written for ages...
Quite difficult to start writing in a new genre. If you read my blog you should know, from previous post, that I’ve been planning to bring some changes. So, here is the first one - ­the language.
The main goal of my blog is to keep my mind feet. Of course it’s not the only one. It’s also  a perfect instrument to deliver my thoughts to people who are important for me, and also sharing my ideas with others. And now it should serve me once more, changing my mentality, changing the language of my thoughts.
My posts will become shorter, but I’ll try to write regularly and about a wide variety of topics. There are too many techno blogs in the Internet , so I’ve decided that it would be better if I'll skip boredom IT overviews and concentrate on people, communications and emotions. The only near-IT theme that I would like to keep is "G.E.C.K". It's really mine and I feel it.
P.S.: to all my readers: the only one who can help me reach the goal is you. You are all welcome, deep into the Red New World!

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перенятие успешной модели .
успехов в хотьбе по стопам предшественика.

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