пятница, 8 марта 2013 г.

The Player

Play if you wanna be successful. It’s all about your life: relationships, hobbies and work, especially work.
It doesn’t mean you should be hypocritical or deceitful, but it means that in an ever more competitive world you are losing if you are not winning.
A player always has a goal. A player always keeps his eyes on the destination point. You don’t go to work just to be a part of a working process - you are the process. And you know exactly what the goal is. Can it bring competitive advantage to the organisation? Yes it can. Can it be dangerous for the organisation? It’s also possible. Everything depends on player’s rules. And I’m not mistaken. Rules come from players and not from the environment. Environment is only about the constraints, and not the rules. Just an example from WoW universe: whom you can kill depends on your level, but will you do so or not depends on your rules. And when the new player appears it can change the rules of others. Here is the difference between the rules and the morality. Rules have dynamic nature. Rules are the toolkit which you’ll use to reach the goal. The one exact goal.
Can we say that person who works hard and wanna earn more money is a player? Absolutely not. They are just try-hards and not more. Players won’t chose the obvious way, it’s more about combinations, they’re trying to find their own path, which will suit their goals. “Will it get me there?” is not the only question they ask themselves, but also “When will I be there?” and “How much will it cost?”. They are risky and unpredictable - these are the reasons why other people may frighten them or even dislike. But as for players, they appreciate each other, because as more players are involved in the game the more interesting it becomes.
So... do you wanna play with me?

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